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小谷 和弘

Odani Kokufun was founded in 1932, as a rice-production and sales business. Our business expanded to include the manufacture and sale of raw materials for traditional Japanese-style confectionaries , roasted rice tea, barley tea , etc. Over our long and abundant years of experience handling rice and grain-related products, we at Odani Kokufun have constantly sought for and introduced technology improvements. In fact, our company was the first in the barley tea business to successfully mass produce hygienic, sand-free barley tea. Today, we offer numerous products in addition to roasted rice tea and barley tea. Our offerings include Japanese green tea, oolong tea, “healthy” teas, grains, Foods for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU), Foods with Function Claims and more. With our specialty in teas and grains, Odani Kokufun presents to the market a wide diversity of products. We seek to be a company that our customers need and love. Our deepest happiness comes from ensuring that all persons involved with our Company can say, “I’m so glad I chose Odani Kokufun!”


Kazuhiro Odani

Our quality policy

We comply with related laws and regulations in production and sales activities, and also carry out high level of safety and quality control. We will continue to make our best efforts to improve customer satisfaction by building quality management system with continual efforts for improvements.

Odani Kokufun strives to consistently offer “deliciousness, abundance, and beauty” in its domain of expertise, teas and grain products.


Our food safety policy

  1. We encourage to work on food safety as a food manufacturing industry. By producing consistent food safety process, we provide safe and high quality products to our customers. We continue to contribute to the development of a healthy society.
  2. We strictly follow the food related laws and regulations. We comply with customers and clients’ requested safety requirements which we guaranteed.
  3. By building a food management system; maintaining and improving it, we keep engaging food safety. We prove our customers’ trust and social responsibility.
  4. We value communication with customers, clients, and related authorities. By actively disclosing updated information, we aim to improve the level of the food safety.
  5. We inform all employees about this food safety policy. We nurture talented people with high food safety awareness through in-house educated trainings.
Only One

We want to be the one and only choice of our customers.


We support a healthy, daily food life for everyone.


We always treat our hard-working employees just as we treat our customers: with kindness, gentleness, and caring.

Corporate Profile

Company Name
1-14-8 Takasu, Kochi-city, Kochi 781-8104, Japan
TEL. +81-88-882-2645
FAX. +81-88-882-2655
Ujiie Bldg. 4F, 3-4-10, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047, Japan
TEL. +81-3-5296-6978
FAX. +81-3-5296-6988

Company history

Established as a rice production and sales shop in the Umenotsuji district of Kochi City.
Factory moved to Shioyazaki-cho in Kochi City.
Factory transferred to Umenotsuji district of Kochi City. Factory modified to include production of grain flour, packaged mochi rice cakes, and grain teas.
Factory moved to Takasu in Kochi City.
Construction of new packaging plant and warehouse.
North Pole (Hokkyoku) series of completely sand-free barley tea (mugi-cha) is placed on the market, the first company to do so.
Organizational change to stock (incorporated) company. Rinosuke Odani becomes company CEO.
Introduction of heat sealing-type teabag machinery, and start of fully automated production of barley tea (mugi-cha) teabags.
New construction of office, warehouse, and high rise-type product warehouse.
New construction of packaging plant and raw materials warehouse. Introduction of teabag machinery for single-cup packages.
New construction of roasting factory. Introduction of fully automated integrated drying and roasting machinery for roasted rice tea (genmai-cha). Introduction of additional barley tea (mugi-cha) roasting machinery.
Kyoichi Odani becomes company CEO.
New construction of healthy teas raw material and processing plants for teabag production.
New construction of high-rise warehouse. New construction of shipment platform, quality control laboratory, employee cafeteria, clothes-changing rooms.
New construction of factory for healthy teas leaf packaging. Introduction of leaf-product roasting machinery. New construction of roasting factory. Introduction of additional roasting machinery. Construction of new packaging plant. Introduction of additional single cup-type teabag machinery.
Introduction of additional heat sealing-type, single-cup teabag machinery.
Construction of factory solely dedicated to the production of grain-based products. Introduction of additional heat sealing-type teabag machinery.
Introduction of additional single cup-type teabag machinery.
Introduction of non-stapled type teabag machinery.
Market launch of “dietary fiber with Japanese green tea powder, ” approved as a Food for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU).
Kazuhiro Odani becomes company CEO.
Launch of Tokyo Business Office.
MUI HALAL Acquired
New Release Foods with Function Claims 「 Matcha Latte 」